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Method 1: Using Bluestacks

Follow the below steps to install Vidmate on PC.

  1. Turn on your computer and go to any browser you have.
  2. Now go to search bar on top of the browser and search for the term “ Download Bluestacks rooted version for free”.
  3. Now download the Bluestacks Exe file. Mostly this will be in zip file.
  4. Extract the zip file now and install the Bluestacks along with the root.
  5. After the installation completed open it by clicking the bluestacks icon.
  6. Now there will be a prompt to sign in with a Gmail account. Provide your Gmail details and login to the bluestacks.
  7. Download the Vidmate latest version in from Vidmate and then right click on it.Then select the option open with Bluestacks.
  8. Click on the App and the use it to download or watch your favorite videos at full speed no app provides.

Method 2: Using NOX emulator

Use this method only if you cannot install Vidmate with Bluestacks.

  1. First download the NOX emulator from the official site. 
  2. Download the Vidmate APK from our site. Keep the apk file in the folder you will remember easilyin your Pc or Laptop.
  3. Open the NOX player and select “add apk” from the menu on right side..
  4. Now choose the Vidmateapp from the folder you saved. 
  5. The app will be installed on NOX and can be used directly from its homescreen.

How to install Vidmate App For Blackberry OS

Most of us think that VidMatetodownload can only be used in devices that has android OS only. So we think this app cannot be used on blackberry devices. But from the latest version of 10.2.1 or higher blackberry is using OS which is capable of running every android app on it.

Follow the steps below to get Vidmate on your BlackBerry device.

  1. Download Vidmateapk file from here.
  2. Now open the settings of your blackberry device and allow installation from unknown sources.
  3. Tap on the downloaded apk file and give it a permission and click next.
  4. The app will be downloaded now and you can download all your favorite videos you want and can enjoy

How to download videos fast from vidmate?

You can speed up the download process with just click on button.

Follow the step by step process given here in order to download at high speed even if your data speed is low.

Note: This feature does not always work properly. 

  • First  go to your profile in Vidmate i.e,“ME” tab.
  • There tap on Setting icon,  present at first  just below History.
  • Then go to Download Setting.
  • When you are in Download Settings, enable an option called Fast Download Mode. 
  • After doing that check your download speed. It will increase. Enjoy and thank us later.

 Vidmate Downloading status check?

There are two ways to know the status of Video downloaded on Vidmate to download. 

  1. In notification bar:

Drop down the notification bar and this will show the status of the video you are downloading.

  1. View download status from the application itself

Just open the Vidmate app and the download status will be displayed on top right corner of the app.

How to Pause or Cancel Video download on Vidmate

If you wish to pause, cancel the download or delete some of the video you can do it either from the app directly or from the notification bar.

Click on the app icon and you will see the videos which are being downloaded.

If you want to delete the video, click the video and tap on delete.

You can even cancel or pause the download by the same method.

Why Vidmate app is so popular?

There are many video downloader apps available for android to download the videos from various sources online for free. But the most preferred application by the people for downloading is Vidmate video downloader. The reasons for its popularity are:

Vidmate Download has the highest downloading speed compared to any other application available.

It is very stable and occupies very less space.

It has best features and specifications which allows users not only to watch and stream  but also to download your favourite videos, TV shows and movies.

This app even can be used on different platforms like iOS, blackberry, Windows PC and Laptop.

Vidmate APP Alternatives

Yes, Vidmate Apk is the best video downloader available compared to any other application. But if you feel to use different apps which are so similar to Vidmate you can try the following appa.

  • Tubemate

Tubemate is also one of the best video downloading app which is considered next to Vidmate to Download videos from Youtube for android devices. The main drawback of Tubemate over Vidmate is it only supports downloading or watching videos from youtube while Vidmate supports more than 200 platforms.

Tubemate lacks the following features compared to Vidmateapp.

  1. It does not allow movie download from sites other than Youtube.
  2. Even Songs can only be downloaded from Youtube.
  3. Many Popular TV shows like The Game of Thrones available through Vidmate are not available on Tubemate.
  4. Streaming of Television programs is not possible with Tubemate.
  • ShowBox

ShowBox is another app which also allows you to download movies and TV shows just like VidMate Latest Version.It does not have all the feautures of Vidmate and is mainly developed for downloading videos from youtube.This is best suited for streaming the Videos from youtube and facebook.

  • Snaptube

Snaptube is almost similar to VidMate and it also allows to download videos from various websites on the internet. It has all the feautures similar to VidMate and there are no other feautures other than that. If you are bored with the interface of vidmate you can choose this over Vidmateapp.

 My final verdict on Vidmate app: This is the best app available at present to download the videos at very high speed. 

Vidmate App FAQs 

1.How to play Downloaded Files

After the download of video is complete, click on the Notification bar and open the downloaded video file to access it. 

  1. Is it free and safe to use?

Ans. Yes. This app is completely free of cost and very much safe. There will be no any hidden cost or any step or additional features that require your payment to unlock.

  1. How does VidMate make money if it is free?

Ans. Like many similar apps it relies on the ads shown on the app via Google Admob to make any money. 

  1. Is it available for iOS?

Ans. No. We haven’t released an official iOS version. Considering the monopoly of Apple Inc. 

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